Friday, May 12, 2023

ETERNAL LIFE IN A WORLDWIDE PARADISE ---- IS IT REALLY A PROMISE FROM GOD ? ------ LIFE ! Life is a precious GIFT ! Enjoying life is a wonderful feeling. If you were granted another 100 years of life doing what you love, being with the ones you love, in total peace and perfect health, would you want it to end at 100 years ? Wouldnt you become sadhearted at 99 years passed and just one year left ? Especially if you still look age 32 ? Most of MANKIND would want it to continue, never ending. How about the thought of ENJOYING LIFE FOREVER ? It would seem like you're living in a dreamland. Everywhere you look and travel is full of beautiful sights. Even the animals are happy! Well, the BIBLE says GOD has put eternity into our hearts.' He wanted MANKIND to live forever. Before the ransom of Christ Jesus life, the gift of endless life was lost because of Adam and Eve's great sin in act of DEFIANCE of God. Now, we can be the ones sharing the grand opportunity given back to us. Image, waking up feeling great, never a sick day in life in God's new world on earth, and maybe you look out to see the most beautiful sunrise that's so captivating it excites your mind and heart for you to say, 'Wow ! what a beautiful day this is going to be ! ' And for that moment of life to be always a sight to see, will never end, with peace totally in the earthwide paradise, with no fears of anything, because wicked ones will all be gone, just happiness all around, plenty of things to do in happiness, food feasts and more food in abundance, all because you loved The CREATOR of life and his son the Christ. What could be boring about life then ? Plans? Wow ! trips here and there to see beauty every where ! Just life under CHRIST THE KING's RULE. Everyone will live well. There will be no poor people or aging humans in paradise ! Never again ! CHRIST will rule with love overflowing and POWER to make anything happen. He is the MIGHTY GOD-SON OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. His father's has made CHRIST the King of Paradise implementing happiness all over the worldl ! (Psalms 37: 9-11) 37: 29, (Revelation 21: 3, 4), (Luke 23:43) (Revelation 21: 5). HAPPINESS WILL BE THE ORDER OF THE DAY ! Will you be there ? Will you be there to greet your family and friends that have passed, but they are in GOD's memory for a resurrection ? You can be. Image them being brought back to life, but all their relatives made no effort to study God's word and change so that they would be standing there waiting to see their dead love one brought to life . What joy they would have missed of an angelic messenger visiting their beautiful landscaped home in paradise with good news and told them that at this next WAKE, their mother and two sisters will be back to life. Take to heart what God's word says, there is going to be a resurrection. PARADISE will give 'GOING TO A WAKE' new meaning.