Saturday, October 15, 2022

IN THE REALITY OF LIFE ----- Do we exist because of a divine creator, who had written down for us how we came to be, or the disputed belief, subjected to much controversy of how mankind came into existence by the evolution theory. In life, have you ever looked at yourself growing up and said, ' who am i'? I live, I breathe, I walk, I talk, why ? Let me pinch myself, I am real. But, for what purpose do I exist in life ? What's the point ? Yes, sometimes understanding the meaning to life is a major issue of concern, especially when you are not happy, and you are struggling with life' s challenges. If there has never been a God who cares, who could explain the meaning of life, without God's word the bible ? (Psalms 14:1) (Psalms 100:3) The knowledge of God's word gives you the answers you need relating to your existence, beginning with (Gensis 1:1) (John 17:17) (Romans 3:4) Man was to populate the earth and fill it, so a man and a woman had the ability to pro-create another human. (Genesis 1:28) Sometimes, unhappiness causes you to wonder about the purpose of life, perhaps your life is troubled, growing up was hard. You may have trust issues with ones you expect better. However, it was intended, by God, to be a happy experience, not sad and lonely. You need your HEAVENLY father's love and comfort. He gives that through prayer, talk to him, without a phone in your hand. You need to know accurate truth by being taught what God's word really teach, and constantly study of his word, which brings BLESSINGS of a new life of friends, a new found hope and assurance from God that if you draw close to him, he will draw close to you. (James 4:8) (1 Peter 5:7) Being an obedient son or daughter to him is allowing his love, comfort, and guidance to navigate you through life. Evolution does not have anything about the theory of mankind to allay concerns, clarify life with facts of consistency, build hope of a future of endless life in a trouble-free world and perfect health, and seeing deceased love ones awaken from death to live and never die again. This is the sure hope in God's written word. And, although we have never seen the Creator of heaven and earth yet, he did send to us a saviour, Christ, who said, 'if you have seen me, you have seen the father also.' Jesus Christ, the son who enlightened our understanding, addressed the right way to believe in the existence of God Almighty, and he also taught us how to pray to our father in heaven. (Matthew 6:9,10) . Jesus helped us learn and build hope, trust in his father, trust in him as the king of the kingdom he preached about. As your study of the word of God grows, you will no longer feel empty of knowledge, having no purpose, or letting credulity overrule your beliefs about your being here, your better judgment of truth, and that the fact that you are here, how you came to exist on earth, and that you are known by God and Christ, to which we all have an accounting.