Thursday, April 20, 2023

ARE YOU ON THE ROAD TO EVERLASTING LIFE? ---------- What is your assurance ? The way to life is the path that is accurately and consistently based on truth. The truth of God's word, the Bible, the roadmap to eternal life. (John 17:17) Jesus said specifically which road to take (Matthew 7: 13,14). Adhering to divine truth is the surety to a blessed future for all. It builds spiritual conscienceness and maturity, and refines you in your godly self-worth. However, no one is above the law of GOD, we all will stand before the judgment seat of GOD, and once saved is not always saved. You have to keep working on your salvation. It's serious. (Romans 14:10) If the king, Christ Jesus is returning to earth, does it matter to him and our heavenly father, which faith you have chosen ? Is it the true faith that GOD approves? What's your assurance ? Then, may you be found in the light of truth in the Coming of the Lord. (Matthew 7: 21-23) If you worry whether you are on the right way to life, shouldn't you be concerned ? God's word reveals how the true and living God wants to be worshipped. It's your everlasting life, for you and your family that's at stake. Much guidance is to us in his word on our beliefs, behaviour, brotherly love, and promoting a bible- trained conscious and preaching accuracy of truth to others. And to worship God in spirit is sight unseen, therefore, the use of images are not acceptable. (John 4:24) (1 Timothy 3:16). Are you in Christ's sheepfold with his truth proclaimers, where his father wants you to be ? Make sure of what is acceptable to the Lord,' the Bible says, that includes what you believe about God and his Christ, otherwise, you may find yourself on a road that will never lead you to the God of Everlasting Life. offers free BIBLE studies to know what the BIBLE really teach.