Monday, October 3, 2022

LIFESTYLES--- DO THEY MATTER TO GOD AND CHRIST ? ---- This present life has many pitfalls, lures, and wayward roads of living. You may live in an area that is saturated with avenues of life that violates what's is godly and proper. When coming to know GOD through Christ, certain lifestyles come into question, if you are truly serious about your coming to know God. If found to be unacceptable to the godly way of life, these need to be repudiated, avoided, discontinued ? GOD ALMIGHTY, the creator of HUMANS on earth, has the right to judge our life. Therefore, the word of God gives insight into how God feels about certain styles of living. Let God's word speak to you. (Romans 1:18-32) Lifestyles can keep you out of God's favor for eternal life. There is a difference in a weakness of mind due to imperfections, or being forced to live a refuse lifestyle, as opposed to unbridled wickedness, promiscuity, degradation and corruption. Some feel to live in their lifestyle is right because it is accepted in society. It is in ignorance that they feel accepted, or they feel incharge of their way of life and answers to no one, they lavish their sinful practices unbridled by lust and promiscurity, no godlymindedness. Some defy whats good and acceptable to the Almighty of heaven and Earth. They need to know that those who practice these things will not have everlasting life, but eternal destruction by the GOD of heaven and Earth to whom we all have an accounting. God's day of wrath is very near. (1Corinthians 6: 9-10)